byTiMo was founded by Tine Mollatt in 2004. For Tine, as the founder and creative director, sustainability has always been one of the core values and byTiMo has embraced ethical and sustainable production since the beginning.

Truthfulness, consciousness and quality are byTiMo’s guiding beacons. These values can be found within every part of byTiMo, from the factories we work with to the fabrics we use and create.

We are aware of the massive impact the fashion industry has on our planet, which is why we are doing what we can to create clothes that last in a responsible and sustainable way. For us it is important to respect the people involved in the supply chain, and to have the health of mother earth in mind when we produce and create new collections.

By maintaining a conscious approach, byTiMo has continuously sought to minimize risks in our production and supply chain. Through ongoing evaluations and by making decisions and taking actions that address these concerns to the best of our ability.

We work with slow fashion, and long-lasting materials. We want to encourage the consumer to buy less, but when you buy, buy high quality, sustainably made garments, to have and to keep.

I design with my heart and my soul. I create for the new romantic, the woman that stands up for what she believes in, that want something more than just another piece of clothing. She cares about the process behind, she cherishes our values and believes.

Tine Mollatt

For the love of fabrics

We're thrilled to share our labor of love with you, crafted with care and years of expertise. Each fabric is a testament to our commitment to quality, embodying unique blends cultivated over time. The fabrics are left over materials from our factories that we sell to make sure we use everything that’s being produced, and nothing goes to waste

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Our Suppliers

The relationships with our suppliers are important to us – many of our suppliers have been with us for a long time. We value the benefits of long-term partnerships, as they enhance communication, our working methods, and the products we offer. Maintaining stable relationships over time is a priority for us, and we have established strong bonds with our two largest suppliers for more then a decade.

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Transparency Act

The Transparency Act came into force in July 2022. The Act is meant to aid in meeting challenges of human rights abuses and indecent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and provision of services in Norway and supply chains across the world. 

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Whistle blowing

Maintaining compliance with our policies and Code of Conduct at byTiMo is of utmost importance.
Hence, we invite anyone who suspects wrongful activity or misconduct at byTiMo or in activities associated with our business to voice their concerns.

All reports of suspected wrongdoing or hazards related to our operations should be submitted through our whistleblowing system

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