The Transparency Act


The Transparency Act came into force in July 2022. The act is meant to aid in meeting challenges of human rights abuses and indecent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and provision of services in Norway and supply chains across the world. 

You can read more about it here.

Since our very beginning, byTiMo has been aware that we operate in an industry with a significant risk of negative impacts on people, the environment, and society. By maintaining a conscious approach, byTiMo has continuously sought to minimize these risks through ongoing evaluations and by making decisions and taking actions that address these concerns to the best of our ability.

In recent years, the mapping and evaluation of risks have become more structured and organized, and we are now conducting due diligence assessments throughout the year. We will share the results of our risk assessment, the measures we have implemented, and what we expect to achieve in our report. This will be published on our website in June 2024. This report will be shared annually from now on.

Link to the full report in Norwegian.

For further questions on how we work with due-diligence and risk assessment, please contact us at