When the world goes crazy, the need for beauty increases in all parts of life. We stay hopeful for the future and present to you a collection filled with personality, crafted in elevated fabrics, made to dance, to work, to live in.

“Reflections” embodies uniqueness and the power of choice. We, as women, are all possessing an individual and a distinctive personality, every layer of it bringing richness to this world.

In this way, the new collection encourages to personal styling, layering, and the creation of your own unique expression. The versatile pieces can be mixed and matched to curate your signature style.

The collection is filled with glamour, elevated sequins, golden brocades, luxurious silk tailoring and dress-up-or-down poplins. It combines softness with sophistication, offering a bold and graceful expression of self.

Because we believe you should follow your heart and make the choices that feel right to you, the collection is crafted in sustainability sourced fabrics, in an ethical way, with thought and love, adding meaning and depth to your wardrobe rather than just another piece of clothing.

Since our beginning, in 2004, byTiMo has embraced ethical and sustainable production. We want to encourage to buy less, but when buying, buying high quality, sustainably made garments - to have, to cherish and to keep.