Pre Fall 2025

We introduce to you, Pre Fall 2024.

A collection made with love, with the thought of details, fabrics and sustainability in mind.

This collection is all about beauty, in every context. The beauty of craftsmanship, of fabrics and creating new dreams. In a world of utter chaos, our mission, is to crate beauty and to make people feel beautiful. We want to feel safety in feeling good and use tactile elements like fabrics and clothes to help that feeling of safety.

We all strive to have more nature in our lives, and some of us even move out of the urban city, to create a new home in more rural surroundings.

We call it a romantic rural revolution. And with that, comes a new way of styling. It is being developed from the new hybrid of city and country clothes, of antique and innovative textiles, of vintage and contemporary patterns, rustic and modern.

Styling these oppositions together, becomes the new standard, where you create new personalities, with elements from the past and present, to create a new and modern future.

The collection feels nostalgic, with romantic and vintage inspired botanical patterns giving memories to the safeness of childhood and an element of nostalgia. The collection is filled with decorative elements and historical citations.