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Our Collections are inspired by vintage pieces, sourced from around the world. Read more about the inspiration behind the collections.

Our Collections are always inspired by vintage sourced from around the world.

Tine has a vintage archive in house with over a thousand old pieces, giving inspiration to every collection, from the 1800s to the late 1970s.

From her travels to cities like Tokyo, Paris, London and New York, Tine have collected vintage and antique pieces for decades.

It can be old pieces of clothing, and even pieces that are torn apart and have holes in them, but pieces like this might have a little lace detail that gives inspiration to a whole new expression.

It’s not just clothing, but also fabric swatches, fine china, wallpaper cuttings, paintings and more. Her vintage archive, holds a lot more than just fashion. Silhouettes, details, fabrics, colours and prints, are all inspired by the old and antique. We like to say that we give history a modern life, and a new life in the present day.