“One of a Kind”

We introduce to you, Autumn Winter 2023. A collection made with love, with the thought of details, craftsmanship, fabrics, and sustainability in mind.

This collection named “One of a Kind”, gives room for personal styling, layering and creating its unique expression. Make it you and make it personal. We call this liberty to creates its individual narrative, silent beauty.

Filled with personality, elevated fabrics, and styles, the Collection has bolder looks, that you can mix and match with timeless silhouettes.

Reflecting our ever-inspiration to vintage, the sustainably made fabrics mix delicate and fun styles to graphic influences, coming together in perfect harmony.

Autumnal prints with sun-kissed colours, soft pastels, and a flower explosion adorned the pieces. Pastels, silvers, and a monochrome palette softened the Collection, while rusty prints and earthy tones bring warmth to the whole. The pieces are cut in sustainable fabrics, such as buttery satins, crinkly georgettes, sparkly sequins, soft tailoring, knitwear, and crispy cottons.

Since our beginning, in 2004, byTiMo has embraced ethical and sustainable production. We want to encourage to buy less, but when buying, buying high quality, sustainably made garments - to have, to cherish and to keep.