byTiMo Home

We welcome our brand new byTiMo Home Collection. A dream that has finally come to life, as the journey of creating our own homeware collection started many years ago.

We have spent years finding the right partners to work with. The best carpenters and furniture makers, that really understands our vision and the high level of craftsmanship we require when creating something new.

The inspiration comes from the vintage and antique pieces we have collected over the years. When searching for antique and vintage clothing, we always find interior pieces that lights up our inspiration. May it be a cup with a lovely flower, or a room divider made in a fantastic jacquard.

The antique inspiration combined with our love for craftsmanship, and of course, the ancient meeting between the east and west, and what we used to call the silk road, has created an interesting meeting for this new collection.


The collection is filled with beautiful upholstered furniture, like lounge chairs and little love seat sofas. You will find room dividers and small pieces of furniture like stools, dining chairs and small tables. Crafted in sustainable Mango Wood and a soft linen fabric, the pieces are created with thought and love. To buy our furniture, please visit our Concept Store or send us an email.

The Cabinets

We simply could not resist to make these stand out cabinets. Created with sustainable Mango Wood, with delicate glass doors and sides, and adorned with our wallpaper in the back. To buy our furniture, please visit our Concept Store or send us an email.


We have created tableware in stoneware. The collection of tableware is created in shapes inspired by Japanese design and adorned with vintage inspired French and English motifs. You will find cups, plates, bowls, a little egg plate, a gorgeous vase and even a lamp in the collection. See all tableware here


Our unique byTiMo Home prints now come to life in our very own wallpaper. Stop by our Concept Store to view the whole collection of wallpaper or send us an email.

Soft Textiles

Let us dress up your home with cushions, table linens and napkins made in sustainably made fabrics. Adding a little colour and print to the dining table or your sofa, will bring warmth and love to your habitat. 


Plissé Lampshades come to life in our finest byTiMo Home Prints. Unique and vintage inspired prints, giving a little bit of warmth to your home. You will also find a solid off-white lampshade, made in a fine 100% silk fabric.